Draw operation failed for at least one layer (23021)


Receive a message in the lower left corner of LP360 indicating that the “Draw operation failed for at least one layer (23021)”.

Probable Resolution:

At least one of the layers in your Table of Contents (TOC) is a WMS layer but your project layer has no Current Coordinate System (SRS) or an unknown Current Coordinate System. Hence, LP360 doesn’t know how to reproject the WMS layer for display purposes. To correct this issue do one of the following:

  1. If you have another layer that has your desired SRS, right-click on that layer in the TOC and select “Set Project SRS to Layer SRS”
  2. Or, you may set the project SRS in the Project Settings (File -> Project Settings) by selecting the ellipses beside the Project Spatial Reference System (SRS) box.

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