DZ Surface Value Computation

The Export Wizard can be used to compare the relative accuracy of returns from overlapping flight lines.  Using the ‘Surface’ Export Type, the ‘Point Insertion’ Surface Method , and the ‘dz Images’ Surface Attribute, will produce a useful visual representation of the vertical mismatch from flight line to flight line.

LP360 Export Wizard

This tool creates cells with dimensions corresponding to the ‘Cell Edge Length’ setting in the dialog.  The cell size should be set to 2 times the Nominal Pulse Spacing for to help ensure that at least two points with different Point Source IDs will fall in a cell.  It will then calculate the average z value for each set of points from the same flight line (Source ID).  It will make the final calculation by taking the absolute value of the difference of the average z values of each flight line per cell.

Dz Settings



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