Error: Failed to find an input LAS file (27274)

When attempting to use the LDMerge.exe it fails with “Error: Failed to find an input LAS file (27274)”.

Error 27274

This error is caused by the failure to specify the input files on the command line.  The usage indicates this requirement to specify the input files by the “las_files” designation, but it is easily missed by users.

Parameters and usage

The proper method of designating the input is to add the files after the command, separating each file location by a space, then adding the other desired parameters. The order of the parameters is not important so the input LAS files may be specified either before or after the other parameters. Below is an example of the proper input format for this executable:

List input files

When wishing to merge multiple LAS files, the use of ‘*’ or ‘?’ wildcard characters can be used to designate multiple LAS files in the same folder.  The question mark is used for single character replacement, and the asterisk is used for one or more character replacements:

Question mark method

Asterisk method



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