GeoCue: Configure Users in SQL

Purpose & Scope
The User performing GeoCue updates, as well as the GeoCue Service User and the GeoCue Federator Service User, if applicable, need to be configured as users in SQL, either the Full or Express version.

1.       Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and login as SA (SQL Administrator) or another privileged user.

2.       In Object Explorer select Security –> Logins

3.       Right-click on Logins –> New Login

4.       Specify the User name and select Windows Authentication

5.       On the right hand side under Select a Page select Server Roles

6.       The GeoCue Service User needs to be made either a SYSADMIN or a SERVERADMIN. This is required as the GeoCue Server Updates use the xp_cmdshell function in SQL to perform database updates during software version updates.

7.       Select OK to add the user to SQL

Additional Comments
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