How to resolve the “health check pending” error message in GeoCue Dispatch Manager

Dispatch Manager is showing Health Check Pending Error for machines.
1. Is the client machine turned on and connected to the local network?

The GeoCue Server sends a test connection to the client machine to determine if the two machines can talk to one another. If the client machine has been turned off or is not on the local network, then GeoCue Server will not be able to talk with the client machine, and it will return a connection error in the format of Health Check Results Pending.

2. Is the GeoCue Dispatch Service running on the client machine?

The GeoCue Dispatch Service is what is used to run GCRemote.EXE (the executable that does the GeoCue Dispatch communication) on the local client machine. If the service was not started before the GeoCue Client is opened, then the client will launch a local copy GCRemote.exe running with the current user’s credentials.  That user may not have the needed administrative permissions to run the Service and talk to both the server and client machines. The GeoCue Dispatch Service should be set to start automatically so that no user needs to be logged into a machine in order for it to function.

3. Does the user that is logged into the Dispatch Manager Service have appropriate permissions to run the service?

In order for the software to properly administer the Warehouses, the service must be running under an account that has permission to log into the server machine and that has domain level access to read/write from the Warehouse locations. The service user must also be a local administrator on the client machine in order to be able to start the service and write in the event logs.

The Dispatch Service must also be run by a user listed as a valid user in the GeoCue User Manager.

Please see the GeoCue 2017 Installation Guide for additional information concerning whether the user is on a domain or workgroup network.

4. Is there a firewall in place on either the client or the server machine?

If there is a firewall in place it could possibly be blocking the test connection between the two machines. Please make sure the following programs are allowed through the firewall on the client machine. This information is also available in the GeoCue 2017 Installation Guide:

  • %programfiles%\GeoCue\GeoCue Client\DPMSProcessing.exe
  • %programfiles%\GeoCue\GeoCue Client\DumpCommonFolder.exe
  • %programfiles%\GeoCue\GeoCue Client\GCRemote.exe
  • %programfiles%\GeoCue\GeoCue Client\GeoCue.exe
  • %programfiles%\GeoCue\LIDAR 1 CuePac\ProcessLASWorkingBoundary.exe

5. Does the IP address listed in Dispatch Manager match the IP address of the client and server machines?

If the IP address on the client machine is not the same as the IP address listed within GeoCue then the Server will not be able to talk with the client machine. Likewise the client must see the server as the same IP address as the server sees itself.

6. Does the port number listed in Dispatch Manager match the port number for the client or server machine?

It is possible that the server machine and/or the client machine are using different ports then the default specified ports. To change the port number on the client machine open the Configure Client Dialog (Start Menu –> GeoCue –> GeoCue Client) and verify that all the ports are set correctly.

7. Is the port number listed in for the client or server machine in use by another application?

It is possible that another application is bound to the default or chosen ports used for dispatch. Modify the ‘Client Port’ on all machines using the Configure Client and Configure Server utilities and then restart both the GeoCue Server service and the GeoCue Dispatch service on each machine.

If you are unsure of which ports are currently in use type ‘netstat -an’ at the command prompt.

8. Are all of the machines showing ‘Timeout health check pending’?

Verify in the GeoCue event log that the GeoCue Server logged an event after the last server restart that says ‘Repository Initialized’. If it did not, look and see if there are any exceptions that were logged during the start up process. If so, resolve them before continuing to diagnose the ‘health check pending’ errors.

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