Import and Export of Class names in 2019.1

In LP360 2019.1 a feature has been added to Live View to allow the Import and Export of Class Names to an XML file.

Fig. 1: Live View Classification tab with Import/Export Class Names.

When exporting, after confirming file location and name you’re also given the option to set the Custom Class Names as a default for all new projects.

Fig. 2: Default Class Names Confirmation dialog box.

Any exported XML can be imported and set as the default class names for all new Projects on the Project Settings dialog.

Fig. 3: Global tab on Project settings dialog now has the option to Import Class Names

Note that custom class names are stored with the “project” now. They used to be stored on the LAS Layer, requiring the user to “import” the saved XML file on every new LAS layer.

For “legacy” projects, when a project is opened, if no class name mappings are stored with the project, then the default class name settings on the Project Settings dialog are honored. Once they are stored with the project they will be used until the user makes modifications to the class names OR imports a different class name file on the Live View dialog.


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