Is LP360 for ArcGIS 64-bit compatible?

Is LP360 for ArcGIS 64-bit compatible?
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LP360 for ArcGIS will run on 64-bit machines, however, there is no 64-bit installer for the ArcGIS extension. The LP360 for ArcGIS program will install on a 64-bit OS and run as a 32-bit program for both ArcGIS and Windows. The reason for this is because LP360 for ArcGIS is built on the ArcGIS platform, and ESRI has not currently released a 64-bit version for ArcGIS. However, there is a 64-bit installer for LP360 for Windows. LP360 for Windows (64-bit) will allow users to access more memory than what is available when run as an ArcGIS extension and thus can be very useful for running point cloud tasks and conflation/classification routines for batch processing.

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