LP360: Out of Memory in CPointCacheManager


While using LP360 the user receives the error message, “Out of Memory in CPointCacheManager”.

Error: Out of Memory in CPointCacheManager

The error message indicates that the system was unable to allocate the additional memory requested by LP360.

Probable Resolution #1:

If this occurs while drawing a long or wide profile, follow the instructions in the error message, “reduce the size of the Profile and try again.”

Probable Resolution #2:

I am planning to fly in low light conditions. Can I change the settings of the camera?
To change the camera settings on a TrueView or microdrones system follow these steps:

  1. Download the file: TrueView system or microdrones system.
  2. Open the file with notepad.
  3. Change the exposure time. Recommended: 1/500 for cloudy days and 1/1000 for sunny days
  4. Save the file.
  5. Copy the file to your UMS.
  6. Next time you collect data with your payload, the exposure time will be updated with the value added in the file.
Picture showing the inside of the TV and md file
Camera configuration file

If this is an ongoing issue and happening when loading any LAS data or performing other functions in LP360, but is not occurring on other machines using the same data, it is recommended that LP360 (and ArcMap, if using the LP360 for ArcMap) be uninstalled/re-installed to resolve the issue.


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