LP360: Creating a Tile Index

Purpose & Scope
Creating a Tile Index for LAS files loaded within LP360
1)      Add all of the LAS Files to the Data view;

2)      Select the Point Cloud Tasks tab on the Table of Contents;

3)      If one doesn’t already exist for this purpose, add a new task;

a.      Specify the Class Type as ‘Point Cloud Statistics Extractor’

b.       Give the task a name, for instance ‘LAS Stats’;

4)      Under the General Tab select the option to Extract by Files;

a.       Pick at least one statistic for the information to be extracted. The statistic which is picked is not important for the purpose of creating the index with the filename, the task just needs a minimum of one statistic in order to run.

5)      Specify the export location and file name in the I/O Manager under Output Dataset for the resulting shapefile to be created. Select the checkbox to automatically add the output shapefile to the map, if desired.

6)      Click the Apply button to save the changes to the Point Cloud Task;

7)      Open the Point Cloud Tasks toolbar and select the last button, Execute Task for a Project, to run the task on the entire project;

8)      Open the attribute table for the shapefile. There should be a field in the attribute table called FName which contains the name for each LAS file.

Additional Comments
The resulting index is generated from the min/max extents of the header. If you have any questions about the information provided in this article please contact support@LP360.com at any time.

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