LP360: Enforcing breaklines appears to not work

When I turn on the Breakline Enforcement in the LAS properties, choosing ‘shape’ as the elevation field (because my ponds and lakes have different elevations) and apply the settings, the water surfaces in the displayed TIN aren’t smooth and look just like without the breakline enforcement.
A couple of things to look at:

1. Did you verify that you are viewing the dataset at 100%. Breakline enforcement only works if you are zoomed in close enough to be able to view the data at 100% resolution.

2. Did you use a conflation method that would affect the surface values, for example summarise Z, or one that would not, for example Pure Drape?

3. Did the conflation method result in the values being placed on the vertices, hence the shape of the breakline, or are the conflated values in the attribute table? There are options for both in some of the conflation methods.

4. Did you verify that you are setting those points which you classified, using a buffer or were enclosed within the polygons, to presumably the water class were included as exclusion (‘buffer’) classes on the breakline enforcement tab? Unless you specifically say not to TIN from certain displayed point classes using either the TIN display option or the modify buffer class option on the breakline enforcement then LP360 generates a TIN from any displayed classes.

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