LP360 Live View

Introduced in LP360 v2015.1, Live View is a new source point filter for defining how points are visualized in real-time within the program and also used by various filters and Point Cloud Tasks throughout the program. The purpose of this article is to provide users with a more in-depth look into Live View and how it can be integrated into the LIDAR workflow.

Display Properties within LP360

Display properties are the various combinations of display options that are supported within LP360. The properties are divided into two different categories: Attribute Filters and Symbology. Attribute Filters include classification, intensity, elevation, flags, scan angle and point source ID. Symbology represents the color and size of the LIDAR points. The ability to define display properties exists in all LP360 views: Map View, 3D View, Profile View and the Preview View.

In addition to Attribute and Symbology Filters, LP360 also gives users different rendering options. Users can display the data as either points or as a surface model, which is generated using a Triangulated Irregular Network (TIN). Surface models can be viewed either as a wireframe model or with triangle facets colored in. In addition, there is a hybrid (merged) option which exists to allow users to combine the two different display options. In this instance a user would be able to view points on a surface.

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