USDA LIDAR Training Part 5: Licensing LP360

A short tutorial to introduce the user to the basic concepts of viewing, activating, or modifying licensing in LP360, including the LP360 Viewer. The LP360 Viewer is a free license available to in the license pool of all existing users or available upon request for those that wish to use the LP360 viewer. If you need data to use with this training series, see the USDA LIDAR Training Part 4: Introduction to LIDAR Server for instructions on how to locate and download some LIDAR data.

This tutorial is courtesy of the USDA NRCS – National Cartography & Geospatial Center.

Licensing LP360
  • 0:00 – 1:02 – Exercise LAZ description and usage info
  • 1:03 – 2:04 – Opening LP360 – License Manager: Opening and license description
  • 2:05 – 3:27 – Activating a floating license and description of roaming license
  • 3:28 – 4:02 – Checking in license and changing license level, viewer license level description
  • 4:20 – 4:51 – Licenses tab description

The USDA LIDAR training continues with USDA LIDAR Training Part 6a: Adding Data and LAS File Analyst


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