My Windows 10 Experience

Several months ago I signed up for the automatic update to Windows 10 that was to occur on July 29 (2015). Sure enough, early in the morning on July 29, my Windows Updates interface informed me that I could download the 2.5 GB Windows 10 update.

I was pretty excited about this. Like many folks, my reading machine is an iPad but my workhorse computer is a laptop running Windows. At the office, I am connected to a dual monitor docking station, making my laptop indistinguishable from a workstation. I even have NVidia K1000 graphics! I have been running Windows 8.1 with an open source shell program (“Open Shell”) to make the 8.1 experience bearable.

After a long download of the 10.1 package, I eagerly “applied” the update. Immediately I was presented with an error message complaining about my disk partition. Now I am wondering just how many folks not in our computing and processing industry would have a clue as to the meaning of “partition?” After digging around a bit, I found a smoking gun. Seems Windows 8 shrinks the primary partition on your disk but Windows 10 does not know how to grow it back to the needed size! OK, this is obviously not going to be a smooth experience.

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