Metashape Network License on a Virtual Machine


Installing the Metashape/PhotoScan Floating License Server (FLS) on a Virtual Machine results in the error message, “This server does not run on a virtual machine, exiting Agisoft initialization error: 5, not restarting. The ISV server is running on the wrong host.”

PhotoScan Virtual Machine Error

Probable Resolution #1

By default the option to run Metashape Floating Licenses on a virtual machine is not available, but Agisoft can provide you an additional key that should be activated via the Reprise License Administration web-interface to allow FLS activation in a virtual environment. Contact and we’ll get Agisoft to activate a new license key with the VM enabled.

  1. To enable licenses on a VM:
    1. ​​​​​​​Run the RLM utility on the virtual machine that is intended to be used as a floating license server for your network by following steps 1 and 2 in
    2. Open the web-interface on the RLM administration panel in an internet browser (http://localhost:5054), step 3 in the preceding link.
    3. Press the Activate License button in the left frame menu.
    4. Follow the activation procedure using the following parameters:
      1. ​​​​​​​Step 1:
      2. Step 2: ISV: agisoft, License activation key: <enable vm key>
      3. Step 3: License Server or Node-lock hostid: leave the default value, License Count (for floating licenses): 1
      4. Step 4: License file to create or edit: name it something like vm_enable.lic, the lic extension is important
      5. Step 5: Confirm everything

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