PhotoScan: we are: invalid License Server Error


The PhotoScan license server has stopped issuing licenses and the debug log states something akin to “we are: invalid”:

Date Time (agisoft) Wrong Hostid – licenses may not be available
Date Time (agisoft) (expected: license=#####, we are: invalid)

Probable Resolution:

If on a Linux machine, please check if the following directory exists and is not empty on the computer where the floating license server is running: /var/tmp/agisoft/rlm-server/

If that folder is empty, then that is the problem. That folder is created during the FLS key activation and is used for the license validation for the whole duration of the license server utilization. So, it is important to prevent any background services from cleaning the /var/tmp/agisoft/ directory. For instance, if “/usr/lib/tmpfiles.d/tmp.conf” is configured (perhaps by default) to clean after 30 days, then add this line to prevent it from deleting the contents of the Agisoft folder, “-X /var/tmp/agisoft*”.

The activation for the FLS key will need to be revoked so that you can activate the key again (following the steps of FLS key activation). After that the floating license file should be automatically recognized by the activated server, so no need to activate the floating license key.


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