Reproject/Shift LAS PCT in LP360

This workflow is for reprojecting, shifting, or scaling in x, y, and/or z direction, for LAS data. This is useful for converting:

  • Geographic Spatial Reference System (SRS) to Projected SRS and vice versa.
  • Projected SRS to another Projected SRS
  • Different measurement units: US survey feet, international feet and meters.
  • Removing vertical bias from LAS data

Note: While this note applies to the standalone version of LP360, an SRS can be transformed in the LP360 for ArcGIS® extension if the file has both horizontal and vertical SRS defined (usually the case for LAS version 1.4, Point Data Record Format 6 or above).

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Note: The Reproject/Shift LAS PCT is replaced by the Reproject LAS PCT and the LAS Affine Transform PCT in v2019.2.38.0 and the old tasks are not preserved when updating from versions prior to 2019.2.35.0 to v2019.2.38.0.


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