Symantec is Blocking ASPSuite_MVVM.application


Tried to run the click-once ASPSuite installer from, but Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) is blocking the install because “The file is not allowed because it is used by too few users.”

The details section indicates that:

  • the version of the product is fairly recent
  • only a handful of SEP users have phoned home to let Symantec know they had tried to run the file

The installation files get moved to quarantine.

Probable Resolution #1:

Remove the file from Quarantine and re-run the installation:

  1. Open SEP
  2. Navigate to the “View Quarantine” window
  3. Select the ASPSuite_MVVM.application file from the list of quarantined files
  4. Click the “Restore” button
  5. Close SEP, and re-run ASPSuite_MVVM.application

This knowledge base article from Symantec describes the ability to whitelist a domain to prevent future files from from being blocked.


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