True View 3DIS Training Part 6: True View EVO Processing

The sixth part in the training series for our True View 3DIS (3D Imaging Systems) is an introduction to the True View EVO processing. This is a continuation from True View 3DIS Training Part 5: Flight Operations.

Start – Licensing setup.
02:16 – Global project settings – POSPac setup.
19:18 – Post processing start
20:51 – Archive manager
23:45 – True View import wizard – importing the Cycle to process in True View EVO, setting up base
station data and RINEX data.
39:21 – View layers overview
42:30 – Feature Analyst
45:10 – POSPac processing
53:50 – Analyzing POSPac report

57:57 – Processing flight lines
1:01:00 – Processing flight trajectories – and updating EXIF tags for image trajectory data.
1:09:35 – Geocoding and colorizing LIDAR

Training continues with the True View 3DIS Training Part 7: EVO Processing continued.


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