True View 3DIS Training Part 5: Flight Operations

The fifth part in the training series for our True View 3DIS (3D Imaging Systems) is an introduction to the True View 3DIS flight operations. This is a continuation from True View 3DIS Training Part 4: Flight Planning continued.

Start – Flight operations.
1:20 – Base station requirements
05:00 – Smart Base vs Single Base vs PP-RTX
06:13 – Applanix SMARTBase
11:53 – Mission check list
14:00 – Field operation – before flight. Drone preparation, control box light system
22:55 – Heading alignment maneuver.
25:30 – Control box lights, Errors
28:00 – GNSS light functionality.
31:35- Heading alignment maneuver (before landing) – Landing and power off.
33:10 – Field Check – flight data checker – checking CycleLogs.csv and techniques to check data was
successful out in the field.
43:16 – Common errors encountered with LIDAR – late start, spin reversal and ‘hard fault’

Training continues with the True View 3DIS Training Part 6 – True View EVO Processing.


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