True View 3DIS Training Part 4: Flight Planning continued

The fourth part in the training series for our True View 3DIS (3D Imaging Systems) is the True View 3DIS flight planning continued. This is a continuation from True View 3DIS Training Part 3: Flight Planning – Best Practice, Strategies.

Start – 3DIS Flight Planning continued (using Litchi) – Box turns, improving heading information from IMU. –
mission planning. Introduction to litchi.
13:30 – Avoiding heading drift.
14:30 – Heading alignment maneuver.
15:30 – Terrain following.
*Litchi with DJI m300 – caveat – you need an external tablet. Litchi is not compatible with DJI m300
smart controller, you require an external android tablet.

Training continues with the True View 3DIS Training Part 5: Flight Operations.


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