True View Evo Doesn’t Recognize Cycle Folder


True View Evo doesn’t recognize Cycle Folder. This can happen when attempting to load directly from the UMS drive or from an archive folder. The Cycle dialog will not show flight information for the cycle that the user is attempting to select.

Import Window – Cycle Dialog

Probable Resolution #1:

The file structure requires three basic components to import a cycle properly in True View Evo:

  • The folder name must have “Cycle_” at the beginning of the name.
  • There must be a sub-folder in the cycle folder named “System”
  • In the “System” folder there must be a “SystemConfiguration.json” file.
  • In the “System folder there must be a “CycleParams.json” file.

If the user changes the file structure in a way where these conditions are not met, the cycle will not be visible for import.

|	CycleParams.json
|	SystemConfiguration.json

Example of proper file structure

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