True View GNSS LED not turning green


The GNSS LED on the True View system isn’t turning green. on systems with the readout display the message gets stuck on, “Getting location”.

  • A solid green GNSS LED on the True View indicates that it has good satellite reception. 
  • A blinking yellow GNSS LED can be caused by a number of things. 

The following are suggestions if you are having trouble getting the GNSS LED to turn green:

Probable Resolution #1:

Time: The True View system takes some time to get a satellite lock and will remain blinking yellow until it does get a lock.  Depending on the situation, True View may need a few minutes to turn green.

Probable Resolution #2:

Obstruction: The GNSS antenna on the True View needs a clear view of the sky to see the satellites.  Move to a more open area, away from large objects.

Probable Resolution #3:

Connection: Ensure the antenna cable is properly screwed into the True View system and the antenna is properly screwed on.  Power the True View system off, remove the antenna and disconnect the antenna extension cable. Then, reconnect the antenna and extension cable on the True View, making sure to properly thread it when screwing the items together. Also, ensure the brass fitting on the antenna ground plane is tight. If its loose, tighten with a 5/16″ driver. Then, power the True View on again and wait for the GNSS LED to turn green.


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