Unable to Display Breakline Enforcement


Attempting to display Breakline enforcement using the “Use Breakline Enforcement” button, but the map display does not reflect using breaklines to alter the TIN surface display, and the user is unable to display breakline enforcement despite verify the settings and breakline geometry.

Probable Solution #1:

Probable Resolution #1:

  • Use the “creating feature from existing feature” option from the LP360 standalone feature edit toolbar.
    • Create a matching geometry type for the feature in question:

Create feature

  • With the new layer chosen in the feature edit toolbar “Layer:”, highlight/select the original/existing feature in the map view or through feature analyst. 
  • Click on the “create feature from existing feature” button and accept the pop up confirmation dialog. Use this newly created feature and verify that the breakline function works as expected:
Create feature from existing feature

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