LP360 Command Line Executables

LP360 has several command line executable style programs that assist with productivity for different tasks, particularly when working with large amounts of data or repeating processes. These executables may be run:

  1. Via an MS-DOS style batch scripts
  2. By configuring corresponding commands and checklist steps within the GeoCue workflow software to take advantage of the command and dispatch system on top of the workflow management tools contain therein.
  3. Call these programs as part of standard Python processing scripts

The executables are located in “C:\Program Files\Common Files\QCoherent” or “C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\QCoherent”..

Available Executables (v2018.1.57.0)

Point Cloud Task Type Description
LASGUID Print or attach a guid to one or more LAS files – Replaced by LAS File Analyst
LDDump Dump the contents of the header of a LAS file
LDExport Export LAS points and surfaces
LDFltLine Assign Point Source IDs (Flight line numbers)
LDImport Convert ASCII or MG4 data files to the LAS format
LDMerge Combine multiple LAS files into a single LAS file
LDMCls Changes classification of source classification to target number (x86 only)
LDPyramid Generate pyramid files for visualizing and processing in LP360
LDReorder Reorders the data spatially within the LAS file
LDThin Thin dataset removing every nth point
LP360ExpLAS Batch export LAS or ASCII XYZ format files – Replaced by LDExport
LP360PntDen Creates a point density surface (Binary Raster) for a LAS file or a set of LAS files in a folder – Replaced by LDExport
LP360Stats  Determine certain statistics about one or multiple LAS files – Replaced by LPRunPCT or LAS File Analyst
LPRunPCT Executes Point Cloud Tasks



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