AAM Deploys GeoCue for RCD30 Data Production

AAM is a geospatial services company based in Australia with offices and operations around the globe. They began performing aerial surveys over 50 years ago and today operate a fleet of 14 aerial survey aircraft equipped with a range of digital aerial cameras and airborne LIDAR sensors. We recently had the opportunity to work with AAM as they prepared to ramp-up for deployment of their Leica RCD30 oblique camera system.
This camera system is designed for high-accuracy 3D urban mapping and 3D corridor mapping applications. It is built around 5x 80 MP camera heads – one nadir and four oblique – offering simultaneous 4-band RGBN image capture. The core processing for RCD30 imagery is done via Leica’s standard FramePro toolset. We have been working closely with Leica to transition the FramePro workflow (and several other Leica sensor workflows) into the GeoCue production framework. Wrapping a robust processing package like FramePro in GeoCue’s integrated production environment provides significant improvements in automation, data management and throughput for image processing.

AAM Deploys GeoCue for RCD30 Data Production


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