Add Custom QA/QC Issue

On the LP360 QA/QC Toolbar there is the option to add rectangular, circular, or polygonal area issues. After digitizing your area of interest, a dialog appears with some generic issue types in a dropdown menu.

If you need to add a custom issue type, simply click in the dropdown to add your own issue description.

Fig. 1: Custom Error Description added to the QA/QC Issue dialog.

Afterward, your Custom Error Description will be available under Issue Type.

Fig. 2: Custom Error Description available in the dropdown menu.

To maintain your customized list for use later, create a template containing only the number of features to add your Custom Issue Types to the dropdown. Stack these template issues in a location typically out of the way of your project data. Then, use a copy of this feature file as the starting point for your QA/QC shapefile in subsequent uses of the QA/QC toolbar issues tool since any custom issue types in the file will be populated in the list.


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