Creating a User-Defined Coordinate System from a Known Coordinate System

When your data needs to be in a coordinate system that is not specified in LP360, you may need to create a User-Defined Coordinate System. One of the easiest ways to do that is by modifying a Known Coordinate System.

Fig.1: Known Coordinate System (EPSG: 2869) being used a a template for a User-Defined Coordinate System.

For ease of demonstration I have color coded a User-Defined Coordinate System with what has been changed from a Known Coordinate System. Colors that correspond will be in parenthesis.

  1. Find a coordinate system that already exists in LP360 with the DATUM, PROJECTION, and UNIT that match what you need for your User-Defined Coordinate System (yellow). These will not be changed.
  2. Copy the full text of the coordinate system into a text editor. For clarity’s sake it helps to separate the coordinate system by line.
  3. Adjust the COMPD_CS and PROJCS, to your selected coordinate system name (green) .
  4. AUTHORITY at the end of the Projected Coordinate System must be 32767, as this denotes it as a User-Defined System (red).
  5. You would have to change any PARAMETER in a coordinate system if the number from the Known system does not match what you are trying to create (orange).
  6. At the end of the entire Compound Coordinate System, after AXIS, delete the AUTHORITY line, and close the AXIS line with 3 brackets (blue).
Fig. 2: User Defined Coordinate System

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