AirGon’s Reckon Makes Data Management Fast, Easy and Simple

AirGon’s Reckon is a cloud-hosted data management system that brings ease to the complicated process of data delivery. From quoting a customer to the final data delivery, Reckon serves as the hub for interactive project management.

One of the first things for any project is to identify and quantify the area of interest. We are often sent a KMZ file that we immediately bring into Reckon allowing us to easily create the project boundary and determine the project size (Figure 1).  If the project is drone mapping, Reckon has, as one of its backdrop layers, the US FAA airspace maps.  This allows one to immediately assess the class of airspace in which the project lies.


Figure 1


As any service provider knows, once a project has begun, communication with the customer is key to providing a high-quality, timely deliverable. Using Reckon as the communication hub for the project allows the data to be presented to the customer in an organized, incremental and manageable way.

Once source data are acquired and processed, products such as orthos, hills shades, low confidence boundaries and so forth can be quickly posted to the customer’s Reckon site.  At this point, the customer can simply log in to their Reckon account and click on the site of interest to display the posted data. Having immediate access to their project data allows customers to easily communicate any concerns to their service provider without having to download a huge dataset and then open an additional application. Fast, easy and simple! (Figure 2 and 3)


Figure 2


Figure 3


Another way Reckon facilitates simple and easy communication is by providing the capability for the customer to convey information that the service provider needs to know through redlines—saving everyone time, money and frustration. As seen below, the ability to identify stockpile toes can facilitate information between the customer and service provider. (Figure 4)

Figure 4


The final deliverables such as stockpile volumes and ancillary files are posted to the customer’s Reckon site. Customers can then easily download either a PDF or .CSV file, giving them access to an interactive deliverable. (Figure 5)


Figure 5

These are just a few of the advantages of using Reckon.  For more information and to test drive Reckon please visit:  Reckon


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