Altering POSPacBatch.exe Start Time

Situations may occur where your base station starts logging data after your TrueView cycle is initialized or the quality of your base station is of poor quality at the beginning of your TrueView cycle. A potential workaround for this scenario is to alter the start of the POSPac trajectory solution. If you are a TrueView purchase user this can be done manually within the POSPac desktop application. A faster way to accomplish this is to edit the .posbat file and rerun the process.

1. Open your projects .posbat file with a text editor located in the \Cycle\Area_\Cycle_\POS\POSPac_YYMMDD_hhmmss\ folder, and edit the value for <StartTimeTotalSec> This value is in seconds, experiment with adding 60-180 seconds to workaround the compromised base data without truncating your heading alignment maneuver and flight lines.

2. To rerun POSPacbatch it is convenient to create a POSPacbatch.exe batch file so you can drag-and-drop and avoid needing to use the command line interface. Open a text editor to create a batch file and paste the italicized text below, change the POSPac version if using another version. Save this file as RunPOSPacbatch_log.bat. Ensure that the file extension is .bat and not .bat.txt or anything else. You may need to change your Windows Explorer to show file extensions, this option is in the View tab.

“C:\Program Files\Applanix\POSPac UAV 8.7\PospacBatch.exe” -m UAV -b %1 > POSPacBatchErrorLog.txt

3. Drag and drop your projects edited .posbat file on top of the RunPOSPacbatch_log.bat, when the console window disappears the processing should be complete. It will also generate an error log should you experience any error, you can send this file to Geocue support if you need further assistance.

4. Your newly generated trajectory file will be located at:

\Cycle\Area_\Cycle_\POS\POSPac_YYMMDD_hhmmss\YYMMDD_hhmmss\CYYMMDD_hhmmss\Mission 1\Export\export_Mission 1.txt

Copy this file to this folder:


and rename it to PostProcessedTraj.txt

Alternatively, this file can be loaded during the Create Trajectories function of the True View EVO Workflow toolbar on the second field.

5. Your newly generated POSPac report will be located at:

\Cycle\Area_\Cycle_\POS\POSPac_YYMMDD_hhmmss\YYMMDD_hhmmss\CYYMMDD_hhmmss\Mission 1\Report\report_Mission 1.pdf

Copy this file to this folder:


and rename it to POSPac_Report.pdf


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