Error Updating Project Catalog


Attempting to save an LP360 project results in “An error occurred updating the Project Catalog with Project:”, followed by “Detail: Error: Unable to open Projects File. Project not added to list. C:\ProgramData\LP360\PMProjects.json”.

Error Updating Project Catalog
Error updating project catalog

Probable Resolution #1:

The global projects file, “%ProgramData%\LP360\PMProjects.json”, used by the LP360 Project Manager was created with administrator permissions when LP360 or TrueView EVO first launched after the initial installation and now everyday users without administrator privileges cannot access to the file. This typically happens when LP360 or TrueView EVO was launched in administrator mode the first time it was run.

The quick solution is to close LP360 or TrueView EVO, backup and then remove the contents of the “%ProgramData%\LP360” and “%AppData%\LP360″, then relaunch LP360 or TrueView EVO without granting it elevated permissions to run in administrator mode, and allow LP360 to recreate the default files with correct permissions. This workaround is not suggested if this not a new installation and you have several program settings you do not want to lose, such as custom point cloud tasks (PCTs), filters, survey nail coordinates, etc.

Probable Resolution #2

The solution to use and be able to save existing program settings is to use administrator privileges, or contact your IT admin, to change the permissions on the “%ProgramData%\LP360” folder to add Full Control for “Everyone”, and “%AppData%\LP360″ to add Full Control for your Windows user.


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