ArcGIS crashes every time I load a LAS file


ArcGIS crashes every time I load an LAS file.

Probable Resolutions:

  1. Please submit the ESRI Crash Dump report to so that we may investigate further.
  2. Try loading the LAS file(s) a second time. If that doesn’t work then the QVR files may have become corrupt. Delete and regenerate them.
  3. Try loading a file in LP360 (the standalone product, not the extension for ArcGIS), by running LP360.exe found at C:\Program Files (x86)\LP360\LP360 for ArcGIS\bin\.
  4. Are the files on a network location? If so, then a poor network connection may be causing problems accessing the files in a timely manner. Copy the files local and try again.
  5. The LP360 licensing is not properly configured on the machine. Verify the product is properly licensed and checks out the license when the LP360 for Arc extension is enabled by opening License Manager from the LP360 toolbar.
  6. If LP360 is installed in the default location on the C drive you will find two batch files, regall.bat and regESRI.bat located in “C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\LP360” (v2018.1 and later) or “C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\QCoherent” (version prior to 2018.1). Open a command prompt using the right-click and “Run as Administrator” option. Then run the regall batch file, followed by a modified regesri batch file that corresponds with the version of ArcGIS that you are running.
  7. Open ArcMap by right-clicking and using the “Run as Administrator” option. Then try loading a LAS file in LP360.
  8. Open a command prompt with admin privileges and then starting ArcMap.exe from there. Then try loading a LAS file in LP360.
  9. The Sonic Suite Software can interfere with the normal operations of a computer causing LP360 for ArcGIS to crash.
  10. The ArcGIS installation has become corrupted and needs to be wiped and reinstalled.

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