Array dimensions exceeded supported range


Attempting to populate LAS Working Segments in GeoCue results in an exception message in the system message column of the checklist step details pane for the Populate step stating, “System.OutOfMemoryException: Array dimensions exceeded supported range.

   at NIIRS10.LASLib.LASStructArray6..ctor(Int32 size, Int32 numExtraBytes, Byte formatOnDisk) in N:\GeoCue 2017.1\iDEMS\iDEMSShared\LASLib\LASstructures.cs:line 2844
   at NIIRS10.LASLib.LAS.AllocatePointDataRecordArray(LAS las, Int32 size) in N:\GeoCue 2017.1\iDEMS\iDEMSShared\LASLib\LAS.cs:line 2436
   at NIIRS10.LASLib.LASTiler.Tile(UInt64& ulNumPoints, Double& dMaxDensity, UInt32[]& auiIHist) in N:\GeoCue 2017.1\iDEMS\iDEMSShared\LASLib\Tiler.cs:line 299
   at NIIRS10.ArbWrkSegSup.Populate.FinishDestEntity(Int32 nEntityID, Boolean bPopulated) in n:\iDEMS\iDEMSShared\ArbWrkSegSup\ArbWrkSegSup.cs:line 1471″

Probable Resolution #1:

GeoCue 2017 and earlier are only capable of writing LAS Working Segments smaller than 2GB in size. Reduce the dimensions of the affected working segments by splitting or gridding them in a manner that the populated LAS file size will be less than 2GB.


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