Base Station Manager in ASPSuite

Base Station Manager was added to ASPSuite in version 2019.1. It allows the user to store a base station coordinate for use with later projects. The following steps describe the process for storing a base coordinate from the base station dialog (step 4 of 6) when creating a new project, or the base station tab when editing a flight.

  • For the Base Station Location choose Select From Base Station Manager and click the gear icon to the right to open the Base Station Manager Dialog.
Use the Gear Icon to start Base Station Manager
  • Once open, click the green plus sign to add a new base station.
ASPSuite: Base Station Manager
  • Give the point a name and description.
  • Select the Spatial reference system of the base coordinate.
  • Enter the Latitude, Longitude, and ellipsoid elevation.
    • A coordinate can also be imported from an OPUS text file.
Adding a new base station
  • Click OK to close the New Base Dialog and go back to the Base Station Manager.
  • From the Base Station Manager dialog, you can edit an existing point by selecting the point in the drop down menu and clicking the pencil icon.
Edit an existing base station
  • You can delete a point by selecting it in the drop down menu and clicking the red X icon.
Delete a base station from Base Station Manager
  • When done, click OK to close the Base Station Manager dialog and return to the Base Station Setting dialog.
  • You can now choose from your list of stored base coordinates by selecting the drop down arrow and selecting the coordinate you wish to use for processing.
Select an existing base station from Base Station Manager

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