39 articles LP360 Drone Tutorials

A collection of how-to videos to assist with various tools, workflows, and analysis in LP360 Geospatial.

Wingtra processing with LP360

1. Introduction This article and workflow video are meant to guide new Wingtra LiDAR users on how to process with LP360. The video below will demonstrate the workflow designed for Wingtra LiDAR as well as some recommended tools. We’ve also included a step-by-step guide, after the video, to assist you with your processing. 2. Import…


How to do power line classification and vegetation encroachment with LP360

1. Introduction This article is a step by step tutorial on how to do power line classification and vegetation encroachment. The idea is to share a dataset example, with the PCT prepared for a user to test the tool and develop later his own workflow. This article is the step by step tutorial of the…


Watch a Video Overview of How to Assess and Enhance the Quality of Point Clouds with the Surface Precision Tool

The “Surface Precision” tool, included in the Business Intelligence Add-on package for LP360 Drone and the base package for LP360 Geospatial, is designed to provide a robust and automated assessment of the precision (or noise) on smooth surfaces within lidar data point clouds. It’s grounded on the ASPRS definition of surface precision as a measure of a lidar system’s…


Maximize Forest/Orchard Management with LP360’s New Individual Tree Segmentation Tool

Transform Your LiDAR Data into Actionable Insights on Tree Counts, Heights, and Locations LP360 Drone’s Individual Tree Segmentation (ITS) tool is a new addition to the Business Intelligence Add-on, designed specifically for forestry management and environmental monitoring. Leveraging advanced LiDAR data analysis, this tool can identify and catalog tree counts, locations, heights, and tree crowns across…