Checking the GeoCue Event Log

How can I locate the GeoCue Event Log to check for potential additional information for errors or issues?
There are two event logs that exist exclusively for the GeoCue software:

  • GeoCueDispatchEventLog – Records events for tasks dispatched to this particular machine and also for the dispatch service and GCRemote.
  • GeoCueEventLog – Records events associated with the GeoCue processes on the machine.

Both of these logs can be accessed from the same utility within Windows, called the Event Viewer. The logs exist on both client machines, and also on the GeoCue Server machine. The event and where the processing or error may have occurred will dictate whether the event is logged on the client or server. It is always helpful to look in both locations.

1)      From the Windows Start Button, in the run/search dialogue (windows+’r’), enter ‘eventvwr

a.       This will open the Event Viewer dialogue

2)      Select Applications and Services Logs

3)      Select the GeoCueEventLog

  • Errors are going to appear as red exclamation points
  • Warnings will appear as yellow exclamation points
  •  Information is a white circle with a blue ‘i’ in it.

4)      There are three ways to save the log as in the Event File format (EVTX) to submit to support with a case:

a.      Right click on the log and select Save All Events As…

b.      On the right hand side under Actions select the option to Save All Events As…

c.      On the top menu select Action and then the option to Save All Events As…

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