Clip a Raster Layer in LP360

When working with orthos and other raster layers, it is important to be able to extract an area of interest (AOI) from the overall layer from certain projects. This is possible by using the Reproject Raster PCT.

First, you will want to create a new project in LP360 and use the Add Files tool > Raster tab to import the raster layer you would like to clip. Be sure that the raster is in the desired coordinate system (or be sure to use the Convert SRS option in the PCT).

After your Raster Layer is imported, you will either need to create a new AOI feature layer using the Feature Edit ribbon or import an exist AOI shapefile using the Add Files > Feature option. This feature layer will need to be a polygon and be in the same projection as the raster layer.

Next, you will navigate to the Point Cloud Tasks tab next to the Table of Contents. On the PCT tab, click the gear icon in the top right corner to open the PCT Manager. In the PCT Manager dialog, click the Add… button to create a new PCT.

  • Task Type: Reproject Raster
  • Task Name: Clip Raster OR Extract by Mask (raster)
  • Task Description: *Always be sure to include a unique description and name for any custom PCTs you create. For the example: Extracting (or clipping) AOI from Raster using feature layer.

Once your new PCT is created, double click the Clip Raster PCT to open it on the PCT Tab. Open the I/O Manager of the PCT by clicking on of the ellipse (…) buttons.

  • Feature Geometry: Set Type to SHP Layer and Map Layer to your AOI Feature Layer
  • Input Raster Layer set to the raster you would like to clip*
  • Reproject Output Folder: <LP360_Project_Path>\Raster-Clipped (this will create a folder location in the Project Folder)
    • In the I/O Manager, please take note of the <> button in the top right hand corner. This button is used to auto-fill any File/Folder location with the Project Path variable for your saved project. Using this variable in the output locations allows you to run the PCT over many projects and have the same folder name/structure created in each project.
  • *Optional* Convert SRS
    • Use this option if you would like to reproject the raster into a different SRS.

After the changes to your Clip Raster PCT are applied, navigate to the Point Tasks ribbon. Use the By Active Layer tool to execute the PCT.

Once the tool is successfully executed, open the Add Files tool > Raster tab and navigate to the Project Folder > Raster-Clipped folder and select the tif.


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