How to Create a System Information Dump

Sometimes when troubleshooting it can help us if we can get a system information dump for your machine. We need the information to comb through your settings and installed programs to look for anything that may be at odds with other machines or our test machines. Follow these instructions to complete a dump.

  1. To bring up the System Information Dialog:  From a command prompt or in the Cortana search, type:  msinfo32
  2. On the left pane:  Select “System Summary”
  3. From the File Menu:  Select “Export”
  4. Save the Exported System Information file when prompted in a known location with a name containing the machine name or other unique ID.
  5. Go to the directory where the System Information file was saved and right click on it selecting “Send To” to compress the file into a standard Windows Zip format.
  6. Forward the zipped text file to us.

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