CueTip – Integrating Other Software Tools and Proprietary Code

This technical note describes the procedure for using GeoCue’s Environment Builder to integrate third-party software tools or the user’s own proprietary code into a GeoCue workflow. Environment Builder is a powerful customization tool for GeoCue. It allows users to build their own production environments from the ground up, including creating new entity types, new layer types, new menus, and even complete new environments. It allows users to very easily ‘wrap’ their existing processes and integrate their existing workflows into GeoCue. This allows users to take advantage of GeoCue’s inherent production management capabilities without having to make major changes to their established procedures and tools. The full capabilities of Environment Builder allow GeoCue to be used as an integration platform to create an enterprise framework for other software tools, essentially using GeoCue to provide the GUI, file management, multi-user/multi-client locking, database management, workflow engine and related functions while the developers focus their efforts on their own unique code.

However, for most users with existing processes, workflows and tools already in place, only a subset of Environment Builder’s capabilities need to be used. Specifically, as we will discuss in this note, a client can quickly add Commands, create Checklist Steps that link to those Commands and build custom Checklists to attach to production entities (for example a LIDAR tile or working segment). Users can also easily create custom checklists or rearrange existing checklists based on the default commands that ship with GeoCue.

Environment Builder
Create a Command
Create a Checklist Step
Create a Checklist
Assign Checklist

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