CueTip – Working with LAS v1.4 Files in GeoCue

We added support for v1.4 of the ASPRS LAS data format to GeoCue v2014. If you are involved in LIDAR workflows in North America, you will immediately understand the value of supporting LAS Version v1.4, Point Data Record Formats (PDRFs) 6 through 8. These are the required deliverable formats for the United States Geological Survey (USGS) 3D Elevation Program and any other projects following the USGS LIDAR Base Specification[1]. Of course, this will drive all standard LIDAR deliverables in North America so it will be critical to move to the new PDRFs available only in LAS version 1.4. This technical note provides details on how the GeoCue LAS v1.4 implementation addresses two challenges created by the adoption of LAS v1.4:

  • Terrasolid software does not support LAS v1.4.[2] Organizations using these tools as their primary production software need to work in LAS v1.2 and convert to v1.4 prior to final delivery.
  • Legacy data sets in v1.2 (or earlier) are still common so a conversion strategy to update these data sets to v1.4 is desirable.

We have added tools to GeoCue 2014 allowing you to continue processing data in LAS v1.2 using your existing Terrasolid workflow, but convert to LAS 1.4 for final delivery. If you are a current Terrasolid owner, you will be interested in the seamless LAS v1.4 workflows GeoCue now offers. The same conversion tools can be used to update legacy data sets. Note that LP360 users can already work natively in LAS v1.4 as LP360 fully supports v1.4 end-to-end processing so this technical note is not needed for LP360 or LP360 for GeoCue workflows. This technical note provides details on how GeoCue supports LAS v1.4 workflows.

[1] Heidemann, Hans Karl, 2014, Lidar base specification (ver. 1.2, November 2014): U.S. Geological Survey Techniques and Methods, book 11, chap. B4, 67 p. with appendixes,

[2] As of January 2015; we expect support for v1.4 will be added to Terrasolid at a future date.

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