Deciphering the Compatibility Group

In the LP360 Add Files dialog there is a Compatibility Group column in the Advanced Columns section.

Add LAS Files: Compatibility Group

The letter assigned in this column to each file contain some insight into which LAS files can go on the same layer based on their version, PDRF, and GPS Time Format. The Spatial Reference System (SRS) of the LAS file also plays a role in determining which unique layers must be created, but is not used in determining the compatibility group. Hence, if the group is the same letter but files end up on different layers, then it is a result of a coordinate system difference.

LAS Version PDRF GPS Time Format SRS Source Compatibility Group
1.0 0 No GeoTIFF A
1.0 1 Yes (GPS Week Seconds) GeoTIFF B
1.1 0 No GeoTIFF C
1.1 1 Yes (GPS Week Seconds) GeoTIFF D
1.2 0 No GeoTIFF C
1.2 1 Yes (GPS Week Seconds) GeoTIFF D
1.2  1  Yes (Adjusted Standard Time) GeoTIFF E
 1.2  2  No GeoTIFF F
  1.2  3 Yes (GPS Week Seconds) GeoTIFF G
  1.2  3 Yes (Adjusted Standard Time) GeoTIFF H
 1.3 0 No GeoTIFF  C
 1.3  1  Yes (GPS Week Seconds) GeoTIFF  D
 1.3  1 Yes (Adjusted Standard Time) GeoTIFF  E
 1.3  2  No GeoTIFF  F
 1.3  3 Yes (GPS Week Seconds) GeoTIFF  G
1.3  3  Yes (Adjusted Standard Time) GeoTIFF  H
 1.3  4  Yes (GPS Week Seconds) GeoTIFF  I
 1.3  4  Yes (Adjusted Standard Time) GeoTIFF  J
 1.3  5 Yes (GPS Week Seconds) GeoTIFF  K
 1.3 5 Yes (Adjusted Standard Time) GeoTIFF  L
 1.4 0  No GeoTIFF (WKT)  C
  1.4  1 Yes (GPS Week Seconds) GeoTIFF (WKT) D
  1.4  1  Yes (Adjusted Standard Time)  GeoTIFF (WKT) E
  1.4  2  No  GeoTIFF (WKT) F
  1.4  3  Yes (GPS Week Seconds)  GeoTIFF (WKT) G
  1.4  3 Yes (Adjusted Standard Time)  GeoTIFF (WKT) H
 1.4  4 Yes (GPS Week Seconds)  GeoTIFF (WKT) I
 1.4  4  Yes (Adjusted Standard Time)  GeoTIFF (WKT) J
 1.4  5  Yes (GPS Week Seconds)  GeoTIFF (WKT) K
 1.4  5  Yes (Adjusted Standard Time)  GeoTIFF (WKT) L
 1.4  6  Yes (GPS Week Seconds) WKT (GeoTIFF) M
 1.4  6  Yes (Adjusted Standard Time) WKT (GeoTIFF) N
 1.4  7 Yes (GPS Week Seconds)  WKT (GeoTIFF) O
 1.4  7  Yes (Adjusted Standard Time)  WKT (GeoTIFF) P
 1.4  8  Yes (GPS Week Seconds)  WKT (GeoTIFF) Q
 1.4  8  Yes (Adjusted Standard Time)  WKT (GeoTIFF) R
 1.4  9  Yes (GPS Week Seconds)  WKT (GeoTIFF) S
 1.4  9  Yes (Adjusted Standard Time) WKT (GeoTIFF) T
 1.4  10  Yes (GPS Week Seconds)  WKT (GeoTIFF) U
 1.4  10  Yes (Adjusted Standard Time) WKT (GeoTIFF) V

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