DEM CuePac User Guide

Welcome to the DEM CuePac User Guide.

The reader of this document is expected to be familiar with the basic GeoCue processing system. For information on GeoCue itself, please refer to the GeoCue User Guide.


1 Introduction

2 Creating DGN Products
2.1 Creating the Layer and Entities
2.2 Setting Product Generation Parameters
Select LAS Classes to Include
Select Sources to Include
Select LIDAR Returns to Include
Filter by Point Type
Output Parameters
Completing or Canceling the Dialog
2.3 Generate Products
2.4 Run MicroStation (optional)

3 Import Class from ASCII Point Clouds

4 Generate ArcASCII Elevation Grids
4.1 Creating the Entity
4.2 Set Generation Parameters
4.3 Generate the File
4.4 Exporting the Elevation Data (Optional)

5 Concluding Remarks


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