Determine Shutter Interval



Airgon generally recommends using a shutter interval (amount of time the shutter is open) of 1/800th second for typical drone mapping flight plans.  However, as flight speed increases and/or GSD decreases, a faster shutter speed (shorter shutter interval) may be required to prevent motion blur.

The proper shutter interval for a situation can be determined using the equation below:

Shutter Interval Equation

Where ‘GSD’ is the Ground Sample Distance and ‘V’ is ground speed of the aircraft.

The GSD is determined using the equation below:

GSD Equation

Where ‘H’ is the height of the focal point above the ground, ‘P’ is the pixel size of the sensor, and ‘f’ is the focal length.

Then for the X4S camera (or the Phantom 4 Pro drone),  with P = 2.412 x 10-6 meters and f = 8.8 x 10-3 meters,

GSD = H / 3648. You may specify H in meters or feet. The resulting GSD will be in the same unit.




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