How to check DJI Airspace Restrictions?

DJI’s Geo System is the database the aircraft uses to determine if the aircraft can fly or not.  This is strictly related to the aircraft and does not reflect FAA airspace restrictions which remains the pilots responsibility to determine. This risk-based global advisory system – commonly referred to as “geofencing” – uses GPS and other navigational satellite signals to restrict DJI drones from flying around sensitive locations such as airports, stadiums, prisons, nuclear power plants, and high-profile events.

This doesn’t mean that DJI wants to hinder your missions or keep you from enjoying your drone, especially when you’ve been authorized to take off within, or fly into, a GEO zone by your local regulatory bodies. Instead, DJI Fly Safe fosters operator accountability in a minimally invasive manner.

You have the flexibility to temporarily unlock or self-authorize flights in a majority of GEO zones. And unlocking your DJI drone for other high-risk locations could be as simple as sending in an online request with proof of flight authorization.

Admittedly, creating an unlock request requires a few additional steps on your part. But the GEO system goes a long way to encourage newcomers, recreational users, and even commercial drone pilots to make smart, educated decisions about when and where to fly their drones.

How to Unlock a GEO Zone on Your DJI Drone


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