DMC PPS CuePac User Guide

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Welcome to the DMC PPS CuePac User Guide. This guide provides background on using GeoCue to manage Intergraph’s Digital Mapping Camera (DMC) Post-Processing System (PPS) in a GeoCue managed workflow. This workflow may include from 1 to n nodes for PPS processing. If you are using distributed processing, you may want to refer to the GeoCue Command Dispatch System Administrator’s Guide for configuring your system. The reader of this document is expected to be familiar with the basic GeoCue processing system. For information on GeoCue itself, please refer to the GeoCue User Guide.


1 Introduction

2 Project Creation

3 Import ISPM Project
3.1 Import of Additional Missions

4 PPS Initialization
4.1 PPS Database Creation
4.2 Set GeoCue Processing Parameters
4.3 Modify DMC PPS Database

5 Radiometric and Geometric Processing
5.1 GeoCue Command Dispatch System Configuration
5.2 Processing

6 Adjusting Processing Parameters
6.1 Run Image Analysis
6.2 Set DIA LUT
6.2.1 Using LUT Groups from other GeoCue Projects

7 Individual Image QC
7.1 Quick Check QC
7.2 Checklist Driven Image Set QC

8 Miscellaneous Operations
8.1 Set PPS Processing Parameters
8.2 Delete Intermediate Images
8.3 Export ISPM Project

9 GeoCue Option Settings

10 Concluding Remarks

11 Acronyms 


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