Distributed Project Management System (DPMS) User Guide

About this Document

Welcome to the GeoCue Distributed Project Management System (DPMS) User Guide.

The information in this guide assumes that you have an intimate knowledge of the core functions of GeoCue. Therefore, basic principals such as adding to the Working Set, selecting, Checklist processing and so forth are not covered in this guide. If you are not familiar with these areas, please refer to the GeoCue User’s Guide.


1 DPMS Installation Requirements

2 An Overview of DPMS
2.1 DPMS Capabilities

3 Planning a DPMS Project

4 Defining DPMS Checklist Steps
4.1 Creating Status Points
4.2 Summary

5 Creating a Data Delivery Package
5.1 Creating a Package

6 Importing a Data Delivery Package

7 Glossary 

8 Change Requests & Trouble Reports
8.1 Export Geometry
8.1.1 Available Entity Types (CR)
8.1.2 Output Folder (TR)
8.1.3 Dialog Status Feedback (TR)
8.1.4 Cannot Overwrite an Existing Export (CR)
8.2 Creating DPMS Entities (CR)
8.3 Create Entity via CAD/Shape Import (TR)


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