Enabling Deprecated Geoids

When updated Geoid models are released by NGS, GeoCue is updated to reflect these changes. The previous geoids still exist within the program, they are however disabled. We do this because NGS states for example that, “When using the geoid models, please be advised that GEOID12B should supersede previous models GEOID12 and GEOID12A.”

If there is a requirement that data must be delivered with a deprecated geoid model the following walks through how to enable the deprecated geoids. The following is an example of how to return 12A to the system.

  1. Go under the GeoCue Server Common Folder and go to Coordinate Systems\Vertical\Orthometric\NAVD88
  2. Locate the NAVD88 – Geoid 12A XML files
  3. GeoCue wouldn’t recognize the previous 12A files as they have been superseded by the 12B. Thus you will need to do a rename on the Geoid 12 A files.
    1. Specifically rename the files to NAVD88 – Geoid12A (Feet) – DoNotUse so that users know they are not the recommended version to use
  4. Open GeoCue Database Manager and click the Update Coordinate Systems List
  5. At this point the deprecated vertical systems should appear in the Vertical System List within GeoCue

    Updated Vertical Coordinate System List

    Updated Vertical Coordinate System List


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