Enhancing Crop Management with TrueView LiDAR

Alvaz uses TrueView 3D Imaging Systems to generate valuable agronomic information for its customers.

In this video, featuring our customer Alvaz, we review the innovative drone-based crop management solutions they use to provide their customers with agronomic intelligence.  By utilizing GeoCue’s TrueView 3D Imaging Systems and LP360 software, Alvaz provides comprehensive solutions that exceed their client’s expectations.

The TrueView system’s specifications provide the precise and accurate information required by their customers, while LP360 offers an integrated workflow with user-friendly interfaces, streamlining the pre and post-processing stages. Watch below and see how TrueView LiDAR sensors and the partnership with GeoCue are helping Alvaz generate highly valuable data for agricultural producers and researchers.

Crop Management with LiDAR

Alvaz uses drone-based crop management technology such as LiDAR, multispectral, hyperspectral, and other sensors. Their goal is to provide comprehensive insights into crop development through imagery, going beyond traditional leaf and soil analysis. Specifically, they explore the significance of plant height in commercial corn planting and research on new corn varieties.

“We chose LiDAR because we were looking for new equipment to bring more disruptive algorithms to our clients to assist in agriculture, in the development of crop genetics that we study and work on,” said Breno Rachid, CEO of Alvaz. “We found in the TrueView system, specifications that can provide what our client is expecting, which is very precise and accurate data.”

Users viewing crop management data in LP360 on a computer screen

The height of corn plants plays a crucial role in both commercial corn planting and genetic research, making it a vital variable for clients of Alvaz. LiDAR technology has emerged as the ideal sensor for structural plant analysis, providing direct and accurate measurements. Unlike traditional methods using cameras and photogrammetric techniques, LiDAR delivers superior precision and is unaffected by weather conditions.

A Successful Partnership

Alvaz’s collaboration with GeoCue, renowned for its support and TrueView 3D imaging systems, has proved to be a resounding success. GeoCue’s TrueView LiDAR empowers the company to venture into new markets, catering to the demand for plant height analysis and exploring new agricultural applications.

The integration of LP360 software offers an efficient workflow, streamlining data processing and providing an intuitive user interface. With a dedicated research and development sector, Alvaz is excited to leverage LiDAR’s potential for envisioning new techniques and products that were previously beyond the reach of their sensors.


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