Error: Rover Position File (.pos) is Empty


In ASPSuite, processing the Interpolating Camera Events step results in an, “Error: Rover Position File (.pos) is Empty”.

Error: Rover Position File is Empty

Probable Solution #1:

The base station coordinate was entered incorrectly.  Check the base station coordinate and be sure that southern latitudes and western longitudes have a negative sign. Note the base station must be entered in Geographic Coordinate System (Lat/Lon) and not a projected spatial reference system. Also, be sure you have not entered the coordinate for the wrong base station.

Probable Solution #2:

The Rover navigation file was incomplete causing the generation of the .pos file to be empty. The simplest and most efficient way to resolve this issue is to download the ephemeris file using the Ephemeris tab on the Edit Flight dialog. Doing so will provide ASP with the broadcast navigation file for use when determining the raw positions when you step back and reprocess Step 3 – Compute GNSS Trajectory.

Probable Solution #3:

The most likely issue is the same as probable solution #2, but you don’t have internet access, or the broadcast ephemeris file is not yet available (or incomplete). Then work around this issue by selecting the base station navigation file (usually xxx.18N, xxx.19N, etc.).


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