Errors Adding Custom WMS Layers in LP360

The following are some common errors encountered while trying to add a custom WMS layer to LP360 and their probable resolutions.


When adding the URL link to the WMS Server URL dialog the user encounters an error, “URL must end in a question mark, and be in the following form: http://<server>/<path>?”

Fig.1: Error adding WMS Server URL

Probable Resolution #1:

Be sure to enter the site WMS URL in the WMS Server URL box in the following form: http:<server>/<path>?, such that it includes the required ‘?’ character.

Example: (this is not a valid URL)


The URL path was accepted, but selecting “Get Layers” results in, “Failed to get XML document.”.

Fig. 2: Failed to get XML document

Probable Resolution #1:

If your URL is not in http:// it will not be able to retrieve the XML. Verify that you are not running a secure protocol (https://). If you are, remove the “s” and try getting layers again.


Attempting to add a layer from Available layers results in the error, “Selected item to must be a style item, or a layer with only a default style.”

Fig. 3: Error adding layer from Available Layers

Probable Resolution #1:

If they appear, select the Style Title beneath the Layer Name.

Fig. 4: Style Title sits beneath Layer Name.

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