POSPacCloud: Authentication Failed


Attempting to run POSPacCloud to process a sensor trajectory solution in LP360 Drone, formerly TrueView EVO, results in an authentication failed error, “An error occurred running POSPacCloud.exe: C:\Program Files\Applanix\POSPac Cloud\POSPacCloud.exe AUTHENTICATION_FAILED Unexpected character encountered while parsing value:”


Probable Resolution #1:

Please ensure POSPacCloud has installed when you installed LP360. Or manually install using the POSPacCloud setup, POSPacCloud_PROD_v0.0.xx.zip, available under Downloads -> Software when you log into your Reckon site using the credential supplied with your licensing e-mail. Unzip the file, then right-click and select “Run as Administrator”. If you do not have admin privileges then you will need someone with those permissions to run the installation.

Probable Resolution #2

Review the POSPacCloud log files found in %AppData%\POSPacCloud to see if there are any errors reported.

POSPacCloud needs to be able to communicate with the following domains (different subdomains):

  • *.pospaccloud.com
  • *.trimble.com
  • *.trimblepaas.com

“C:\Program Files\Applanix\POSPac Cloud\POSPacCloud.exe” needs to be able to communicate both inbound and outbound through your firewall.

Probable Resolution #3:

Submit the log found in %AppData%\POSPacCloud to our support so we may assist in reviewing to see if there is an indication of the issue.


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